Hiking Sparks Lake

Sparks Lake is a very picturesque lake - on a clear day.  We were there on a rainy day, but the lake is still very beautiful.  I hear there are reflections of the near [...]


Elk Lake Resort

This is a very active lake.  The resort is really a restaurant that rents water craft and cabins.  There are campsites, very small cabins, and larger cabins available.  The lake has a very active [...]


Hiking South Sister

We started the 12.5 mile hike from Devils Lake Trail Head.  The trail goes past Moraine Lake and Teardrop Pool - Oregon's highest lake.  South Sister is Oregon's third highest peak.  The elevation is 10,358 [...]


Saddle Mountain

Wildflowers Galore! Saddle Mountain - in the Coastal Range - has more wildflowers than any trail in the Gorge.  Huge variety too.The day was foggy in areas, sunny in areas, and windy. [...]


Dalles Mountain

Wildflowers Galore! There are snakes on this trail. This is a less common place to view wildflowers - but that makes it even more desirable.  We saw about 10 other people today [...]


Augspurger Mountain

Augspurger Mountain and Dog Mountain Dotty on the Dog Mountain Trail Augspurger mountain is a less traveled trail that shares the Trailhead with Dog Mountain.  From the parking [...]


Memaloose Loop ~ Wildflowers

The wildflowers are blooming! We were in the Columbia Gorge this weekend and the wildflowers are painting the hillsides with color.  The most predominate right now are Northwest Balsomroot (Yellow ones in these photos), Lupine [...]


Camas Lilly Fields

The Camas Lilly Fields are in full bloom! Camas Lily Fields After the strenuous hike up Horseshoe Ridge yesterday - I needed an easy stroll to walk out my legs.  The Camas Lilly [...]


Horseshoe Ridge

Horseshoe Trail near the top For all you people that think Dog Mountain is a challenge - this hike a WAY more challenging.  This was a true conditioning hike - do not attempt this [...]


Dog Mountain in April

Dog Mountain is on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge at mile post 53 on HWY 14.  It is about 8 miles past Stevenson WA. Everyone says that Dog Mountain is a challenge - [...]


Hood River Mountain

Wildflower Ally Hood River Mountain is a little known gem.  The loop is about 3 miles long, and I hear there are numerous wild flowers blooming.  We were a little too early, a few [...]


Guler Ice Cave

Ice cave near Mt Adams Today 3 of us went to Guler Ice Cave - not far from Trout Lake Washington.  We parked at a Sno-Park and hiked in about 2 miles.  During the [...]


Wahkeena Trail #420

Winter hiking in the Columbia Gorge Wahkeena Trail Loop Wahkeena Falls in the Winter This trail goes from Wahkeena Falls which can be seen from the parking lot passed several [...]


Gillette Lake

Gillette Lake near the base of Table MountainThis is a fairly easy hike - the terrain is up and down but no real extremes.  The trail starts at the Bonneville Trailhead parking lot which does [...]


June Lake

June Lake Waterfall June Lake is a great family hike.  It is a year around destination.  In the winter a Sno-Park pass is required at Marble Mountain Sno-Park.  At all other times [...]


Lost Lake

Andrea and I went to Lost Lake outside of Hood River today.  It was a chilly 18 degrees at the Lake - and colder at the top of the hike.  Clear and beautiful.  We [...]


Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls Latourell Falls is a great short hike.  It has 2 waterfalls - Latourell and Upper Latourell Falls.  The trail is wide and well maintained.  There are 2 loops - the [...]