Project Description

Tarbell trail is a 24 mile loop and this is a small 2 mile section.

Park at Grouse Vista trailhead and start on the side where the trailhead sign is posted.  This is the opposite side from the Hidden Falls trail (same parking area).

This section of Tarbell Trail is well marked and has views of Mt Hood, Jefferson (on a clear day) and Mt. St. Helens.  The Mt. St. Helens view is about 2 miles up the trail. It is one of the best views I have seen that also shows the green trees around the mountain.  This hike is mostly uphill, but it does go though a very nice wooded valley with a mountain stream called Grouse creek.  The trail continues but I have not gone much past this point yet.

As you can see – sunsets can be quite nice from this viewpoint.  It was also windy and very cold – so dress warmly.

Enjoy these sunset photos of Mt. St. Helens