Project Description

We parked at Marble Mountain Sno-Park (pass required) and enjoyed snowshoeing  up the main road to a fantastic view of Mt St Helens.  The view point is 5 miles up the road – and is driveable in none winter seasons.  It is just before the Lava Canyon hiking area.  The view of Mt St Helens from this particular spot is incredible.  This is the South side of the mountain and it has a open field with scattered trees approaching the mountain.  It is my favorite spot for seeing Mt St Helens.

The snowshoe adventure up the road was incredible.  The road is shared with other winter recreation vehicles – but no cars.  We saw snowmobiles, ATV’s and cross country skiers. The road is tree lined all of the way – and right after a snow the trees are spectacular.

When we arrived at the viewpoint the mountain was obscured in clouds.  We hung out about an hour and by the time we left Mt St Helen’s was out in all her glory! It was dark by the time we got back to our car and the amount of stars visible up there is amazing.  A very memorable day!