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June Lake Waterfall - Adventures with Dotty

June Lake Waterfall

June Lake is a great family hike.  It is a year around destination.  In the winter a Sno-Park pass is required at Marble Mountain Sno-Park.  At all other times you can park at the base of the trail and no pass is required.  In the winter people snowshoe to the lake.  The trail to June Lake (should be called pond) is 2.8 miles long and wanders through forest along the river.  There are a few spots on the trail where Mt. St. Helen’s is visible.  Right before the lake is a bridge.  The lake itself is quite small, but it is fed from an unnamed waterfall.

Lava Rocks

Once at the lake if you turn around you will see a huge field of lava rocks presumable from Mt. St. Helen’s.  These are quite large and if you have good balance they are hike-able.  This area would not be for kids.  If you choose to climb the rocks there are some great views of Mt. St. Helen’s from the rocks.  There is also another trail (Loowit trail) once crossing the Lava field that goes to Chocolate Falls.  For me that will be another hike.  We went to June Lake in the winter and the lava rocks were too unpredictable to cross (for me).  It was hard to know what was hidden under the snow.   Will go to Chocolate Falls in the last spring.