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Angels Rest Sunset

Angels Rest Trail - Adventures with Dotty

One of my favorite wildflowers – Wild Iris

Thanks to Amy I know how beautiful the sunsets from Angels Rest can be.  Decided to go up and enjoy the sunset last night.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Angels Rest is also the Wild Iris capital of the Columbia Gorge.  I have never seen more Wild Iris on one trail.  It was magnificent.

I usually start up this trail around 4-5 pm (when most are coming down) then stay up to enjoy the sunset.  I use my head lamp to come down after dark.  The stars are also plentiful from the top.

The trail is all up – then all down.  It has sections where it is mostly rock, a hidden waterfall, and a few boulders to climb over at the end.  I August if you come down in the dark the trail has little black scorpions – would not wear sandals of any kind.

Driving Directions

Eastbound on I-84, take Bridal Veil Exit #28. The trailhead is south of the Historic Columbia River Highway, opposite the junction with the interstate access road in Bridal veil. From westbound I-84, take Ainsworth State Park Exit #35 and follow the Historic Columbia River Highway for 7.1 miles (11.4 km).