Project Description

Dog Mountain is on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge at mile post 53 on HWY 14.  It is about 8 miles past Stevenson WA.

Everyone says that Dog Mountain is a challenge – and they were right.  About 7 mile loop, mostly up them mostly down.  The open areas of this hike get covered with wild flowers at the end of May.  There were a few out today, but not too many.  Will come back near the end of May to see the display.  This is a crowded hike – there were many people out today.  We took the trail to the left from the trail head and I preferred that route up – most people go to the right.  I recommend this hike as an early morning hike – the parking lot at the trail head gets full on weekend days.  A Northwest Pass is also needed.

Mt Hood and Mt St Helens are visible from the top of Dog Mountain.  Elevation at the top is 2949 Feet