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Augspurger Mountain and Dog Mountain

Dotty on the Dog Mountain Trail

Dotty on the Dog Mountain Trail

Augspurger mountain is a less traveled trail that shares the Trailhead with Dog Mountain.  From the parking lot the trail to take is the west trail.  After 2.8 miles there will be a trail junction – right is to Dog Mountain and left is to Augspurger.  It is very well marked.  The Augspurger trail is an out and back trail – and the top is about 4 miles from this junction.  The trail is easy to follow, and somewhat overgrown in areas.  Sections are very steep, and other sections are quite pleasant.  Part of the trail is shared with an old logging road which goes under the huge power lines from Bonneville dam.  However – once at the top I was very disappointing.  The huge power lines block the view at the top! Bummer.  It is said that there is a great view of Mt Adams, but today the mountain was in the clouds, and the power lines would have been in the way also.

Dog Mountain

We traced our path back to the Dog Mountain junction and decided to see if the flowers were blooming – and they are!  The whole side of Dog Mountain was in bloom.  Mostly the yellow Balsamroot, but there were lavendar Phlox, Fireweed, and some others that I do not know the names of.  It was very beautiful and well worth the extra mile to visit.  In total we covered about 13 miles today – my longest hike to this point.  Feeling fairly confident about being prepared to hike Mt St Helens in several weeks.