Sparks Lake

Hiking Sparks Lake

Sparks Lake is a very picturesque lake – on a clear day.  We were there on a rainy day, but the lake is still very beautiful.  I hear there are reflections of the near mountains […]

Elk Lake

Elk Lake Resort

This is a very active lake.  The resort is really a restaurant that rents water craft and cabins.  There are campsites, very small cabins, and larger cabins available.  The lake has a very active day […]

South Sister

Hiking South Sister

We started the 12.5 mile hike from Devils Lake Trail Head.  The trail goes past Moraine Lake and Teardrop Pool – Oregon’s highest lake.  South Sister is Oregon’s third highest peak.  The elevation is 10,358 […]


Mt St Helens from Tarbell Trail

Tarbell trail is a 24 mile loop and this is a small 2 mile section.
Park at Grouse Vista trailhead and start on the side where the trailhead sign is posted.  This is the opposite side […]

Forest Fog

Hidden Falls from Grouse Vista Trailhead

This is a 5 mile section of the Tarbell Trail
Hidden falls is approximately 5 miles from the Grouse Vista Trailhead – so this is a 10 mile round trip hike.  Parking at the Grouse Vista […]

Last Light on Mt. Hood

Tarbell Trail from Grouse Vista Trailhead

Small section of the Tarbell Trail
Tarbell trail is a 24 mile loop trail – this post covers a small section of the trail.  I started at Grouse Vista trailhead and hiked about 2.5 miles of […]

Phlox Wildflowers

Saddle Mountain

Wildflowers Galore!

Saddle Mountain – in the Coastal Range – has more wildflowers than any trail in the Gorge.  Huge variety too.

The day was foggy in areas, sunny in areas, and windy.  The trail is crowed […]

Columbia River from Angels Rest

Angels Rest in May

Angels Rest Sunset

Thanks to Amy I know how beautiful the sunsets from Angels Rest can be.  Decided to go up and enjoy the sunset last night.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Angels […]

Larch Mountain Crater Trail

Larch Mountain Crater

This hike has been on my list for a while now – finally had the chance to take the adventure. This trail starts from a parking area that shares the Sherrard Point trail – a […]

Dalles Mountain

Wildflowers Galore!
This is a less common place to view wildflowers – but that makes it even more desirable.  We saw about 10 other people today (I am sure there were hundreds on Dog Mountain).   […]


Lower Starvation Loop Hike

This is a great 3 mile loop with 4 waterfalls, scenic overlooks of the Columbia River, as well as great forest and creeks.  This hike has it all!

The first mile is mostly up, but after […]

Dog Mountain Wildflowers

Augspurger Mountain

Augspurger Mountain and Dog Mountain

Augspurger mountain is a less traveled trail that shares the Trailhead with Dog Mountain.  From the parking lot the trail to take is the west trail.  After 2.8 miles there will […]


Siouxan Trail Waterfalls

Siouxan Trail is one of the most scenic easy trails around.

It has waterfalls galore, bridges, lush foliage, trees, and follows the Siouxan Creek.  The trail wanders along the creek and has ups and downs, but […]


Memaloose Loop ~ Wildflowers

The wildflowers are blooming!
We were in the Columbia Gorge this weekend and the wildflowers are painting the hillsides with color.  The most predominate right now are Northwest Balsomroot (Yellow ones in these photos), Lupine (Purple […]

Camas Lilly Field

Camas Lilly Fields

The Camas Lilly Fields are in full bloom!
After the strenuous hike up Horseshoe Ridge yesterday – I needed an easy stroll to walk out my legs.  The Camas Lilly fields on the Lacamas Lake trail […]

Horseshoe Ridge

For all you people that think Dog Mountain is a challenge – this hike a WAY more challenging.  This was a true conditioning hike – do not attempt this hike if you are not already […]

Dog Mountain Trail and view

Dog Mountain in April

Dog Mountain is on the Washington side of the Columbia Gorge at mile post 53 on HWY 14.  It is about 8 miles past Stevenson WA.

Everyone says that Dog Mountain is a challenge – and […]

Hood River Fruit Trees

I have always wanted to visit Hood River when the orchards are blooming.  I caught the leading edge this year.

These photos are taken just driving around behind Hood River.


Hood River Mountain

Wild Flower Ally
Hood River Mountain is a little known gem.  The loop is about 3 miles long, and I hear there are numerous wild flowers blooming.  We were a little too early, a few Balsamroot […]

Forest with Snow

Memaloose Lake Frozen

Memaloose Lake Hike

Memaloose Lake is outside of Estacade  abut 15 miles.  The hike to the lake is just over 2 miles and it is fairly easy.  Today I ran into snow, but it was not […]

Husum from Weldon Wagon Trail

Weldon Wagon Trail


Historic Trail
The Weldon Wagon Trail is an old wagon route that connected the town of Husum Wa to the outside world.  It was the main way to get supplies into the town.  There are areas […]


Lyle Cherry Orchard Hike

This hike should be called the Cheery Orchard Climb!
This is an out and back trail that is about 5 miles total.  The first 3/4 of the trail is all up – we climbed to the […]

Mt Hood

Catherine Creek East Loop

Catherine Creek Trails
The East loop does not have as many wild flowers as the West loop, but it has great views of the Columbia River and Mt Hood.  The climb is not bad and there […]

Catherine Creek

Catherine Creek – West Loop

Catherine Creek Trails
There are 3 different trails leaving from the Catherine Creek Trail Head – one is an all-access trail that is paved for strollers and wheel chairs.  It has interpretive signs that describe the […]

Guler Ice Cave

Ice cave near Mt Adams
Today 3 of us went to Guler Ice Cave – not far from Trout Lake Washington.  We parked at a Sno-Park and hiked in about 2 miles.  During the non-snow season […]


Wahkeena Trail #420

Winter hiking in the Columbia Gorge
Wahkeena Trail Loop

This trail goes from Wahkeena Falls which can be seen from the parking lot passed several other falls including Multnomah Falls and back to your car for a […]

Gillette Lake

Gillette Lake

Gillette Lake near the base of Table Mountain
This is a fairly easy hike – the terrain is up and down but no real extremes.  The trail starts at the Bonneville Trailhead parking lot which does […]

Mt St Helens

Mt St Helen’s Snowshoeing

We parked at Marble Mountain Sno-Park (pass required) and enjoyed snowshoeing  up the main road to a fantastic view of Mt St Helen’s.  The view point is 5 miles up the road – and is […]


Wahclella Falls in the Winter

Also known as Tanner Creek Falls
This is one of my favorite short hikes in the Columbia Gorge.  My daughter and I wanted to go on a hike and had chosen a different location for the […]


June Lake

June Lake is a great family hike.  It is a year around destination.  In the winter a Sno-Park pass is required at Marble Mountain Sno-Park.  At all other times you can park at the base […]

Mt Hood from Lost Lake

Lost Lake

Andrea and I went to Lost Lake outside of Hood River today.  It was a chilly 18 degrees at the Lake – and colder at the top of the hike.  Clear and beautiful.  We dressed […]

Upper Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls

Latourell Falls is a great short hike.  It has 2 waterfalls – Latourell and Upper Latourell Falls.  The trail is wide and well maintained.  There are 2 loops – the big loop contains both waterfalls […]